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Pat Neal: A Community of Ideas

As a long standing businessman and former Florida Legislator and Senator, I am acutely aware of the challenges facing today’s real estate industry. I face challenges head-on by forging strategic partnerships with investors seeking a reasonable return on their investment to the government officials tirelessly working to find a balance between development, progress and economic growth. I am proud that I successfully balance preserving the environment while also providing investors a reasonable return on their investment.

I have spent more than 40 years building cooperative partnerships that have helped  Manatee county prosper, including a portfolio of more than 9,000 single-family residences and numerous commercial properties, shopping centers and apartment communities. These projects would never have been possible without the collaborations and input from business leaders, government entities, community organizations and the team of leading professionals that work with me at Neal Communities.

I am proud of what we have accomplished, including the many environmental protection measures I was able to spearhead while the



Natural Resource Chairman of the Florida Senate in the 1980s. I also understand that it takes real initiative to implement what you profess you will do.

The high standards I set for myself carry over to the relationships I have built with local government entities, planning boards, Neal team members and contractors. I continually strive to do better and joint venture with other leading companies, investors and business professionals for input and feedback. I seek out joint venture partnerships that follow my philosophy on how to consider the land first and protect and preserve it for future generations to come while understanding the importance of economics and return on investment.

I appreciate your interest and hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about the initiatives and responsible communities and partnerships I have supported that enable parties on both sides of the negotiating table to come to mutually beneficial agreements and allow progress to be made in an efficient and responsible way.

I look forward to working with you.



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